Music is poor in new ideas

Now that social networks influence the way people think, young people are afraid of being criticized and don't dare or don't want to bother with new ideas. Indeed, if we talk about creativity in music nowadays, the score is down.

Why do we like to recreate old music so much?

The music of our elders is very revealing, there was both passion, stories and education in the lyrics. The melody is very well researched so that the message in the song is transmitted without difficulty. Our seniors know how to listen to music, they don't just listen to the music, they learn the lyrics. When they watch a show, they have fun and enjoy themselves with the artist on stage. Because of this, singers have an obligation to offer their audience and fans something new every time. The artists earn a lot of money for one show, they are rich and have a comfortable life, it is this social standing that has most inspired the young people, and they have neglected the work that this implies. They don't know that creating a song and producing it takes time so that every detail displays the trait of the art of the work. Then, everything became so easy with the existence of modern and easy to access tools.

Producing a song nowadays

Indeed, even if the tools are convenient, it is still difficult to create a song. Moreover, the generation of now has been too much bound by the songs of the 80's that they have taken root of, so there is no time to think about it, just improve it. But, it's very hard to mashup an old song and come up with a sound that sounds different from another one. You have to remember that there are certain tempos, like African, that are free on platforms. This means that if an artist wants to make a business out of their songs, they will have to follow the beat. It is sure that in the drawers of these young artists is their own inspiration, but the producers have banned them, since it is unsellable.

Music has become a purely commercial business at the moment, and all the artists will put a commercial label on these songs, so the art side is forgotten.